Saturday, August 17, 2013

It all started with a mouse

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable. -Walt Disney

Disney magic is something I will never question in my life. When we told our kids last night that we were going to go see Mickey and Minnie the next day, the first question that came out of my daughters mouth was "where!?" When she realized we weren't taking them to Disneyland she got a little bummed. But then soon came to her own realization that it was still pretty exciting news. 

The Fashion Show Mall down on the strip (which we tend to avoid) was having a grand opening of The Disney Store with a meet and greet of the two star characters. 

So Emery took it upon herself to draw them a present. If you don't have the artistic eye of toddler art, let me tell you, it is a picture of Mickey and Minnie with a rainbow above their heads. 

Emery was so anxious to give them this picture she could hardly stand it. Unfortunately she wasn't allowed to give them gifts because they "don't have pockets" a Disney employee explained. Emery later said on the drive home that she wished Mickey could hold her picture forever and ever. Oh the innocence 

Every half hour Minnie and Mickey took turns meeting the crazed children. So our kids got to hoot, holler and wave at Minnie but they got to meet Mickey. Emery says that minnie had to leave to go to the bathroom.  Makes perfect sense to me. 

All in all it was completely worth it. Rivers was in awe and Emery became this little fragile thing and was as happy as she has ever been. They hugged and kissed on Mickey and I think as parents we earned a couple bonus points--that is, until we made them go to bed later that night and we quickly turned into the most mean and unfair parents alive. 

Kids. Ya gotta love them. 

TangerineLAnd Coming to You Soon

Less than 2 months and my incredibly talented older brother begins filming a movie that he has written, will be directing and starring in.

His talent overwhelms me. From the beginning, when he was just acting in small plays in junior high school I felt this abundance of pride for my brother, as if I had anything to do with his ability to portray any character, and any emotion. And let's be clear, I had nothing to do with it. Kellen has what you would call- raw talent, a true gift. One we are all blessed to experience along side him. He has been in many plays, and small films. You may or may not have seen him play Max in a live action youtube film that received over a million hits (if not you can WATCH HERE)

I cannot wait for this film to develop further. I will be updating everyone as best I can as it unfolds and when the time comes for the premiere I hope you all can support him and everyone involved. So stay tuned.

For now you can view this teaser trailer below

For more updates visit their facebook page HERE

Friday, August 16, 2013

life as we know it

I'm not going to promise that I am going to be better about posting, because, let's get real-when has that ever happened? I will say, that I am excited to be updating this ol' blog of mine again.

This picture depicts us pretty well I would say. I am at a turning point with a healthier lifestyle. Rivers is the happiest he has probably ever been, where as Emery is a moody and grumpy, yet, still a hilarious 3 year old. David is still working hard as an engineer but may or may not be enjoying his side business of wood working a little bit more, but loving life all the same. 

We traveled for an over night trip to Newport back in July and it makes us homesick. How is that possible you ask having never lived there (if you don't count the summer I lived in northern California at 18)? Like many, we feel at home when we are near the beach. We feel southern California is where we are meant to be. Unfortunately the job with Taylormade Golf Company didn't work out for Dave but that doesn't mean he has stopped trying to find his dream job in our dream location. Someday, someday.

dont they just look like they belong?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not the best pictures you have ever seen

I decided to try to take some pics of the kids quickly in some holiday attire before Emerys school Christmas Party. With only 5 minutes to spare before her class started these didnt really turn out to great and I dont have enough storage on my computer to edit the pictures. so it is what it is.

Emery had her preschool Nativity performance today. She was Mary (obviously). She was excited to hold baby Jesus and her friend Will's hand. 

With there now only being 3 of them in the class, the characters were limited. Kye represented all 3 Kings. It was cute and maybe something only the parents can enjoy but I posted the videos for the family to watch if they are curious enough.

Will didnt really have the parental instinct kick in the few short minutes he had to be a father. He was a great partner though! ha ha 

The Jingle Bell performance of a lifetime-you wont wanna miss this!!
(really, you wont mind if you do)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Halloween in December

Obviously this post is a tad late but I just wanted to get these pictures up before the world ends in just a few short weeks!! 



 Rapunzel and Vampire (clearly)

 Zombie Circus Performer (inside joke)

Baseball Player

The actual Halloween night, Emery would not go trick or treating and we really didnt do too much (having just traveled to Arizona) but the church Trunk or Treat was great and some friends hosted a fabulous Halloween party allowing us all to get a little dressed up more than once. I love Halloween so much and hopefully next year Emery won't be so terrified of everything and we can go out and have a great time (what I actually mean is get a whole lot more candy). 

daddy daughter date

David had the opportunity to take Emery out for an evening last week to enjoy some Christmas festivities. I thought these pictures were just too cute not to share.

                 She braved riding a pony. Her first time ever. We were definitely super proud of her!

She also got to meet Santa a few times this season. None of which she believes to be the real deal. What can we say, the girl is smart. It doesn't stop her from asking for a popcorn maker and a Hello Kitty bubble gum machine. This little one knows what she wants.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

She might as well have moved out!

Emery Scout you started school today. You were so excited. That is all you talked about for days and days. You wanted to buy a back pack for all your "stuff," which mostly meant your Yo Gabba Gabba dolls Muno and Plex. You insisted on carrying them with you, I think to help you feel more brave. 

 I am not sure where you got this 'hand on your hip' pose but you wanted to do it in every picture. You are a doll. On the drive over you said you wanted to practice your ABC's so you could show your teacher (Ms. Sheena Gunter) you are smart. Which, I might add, you are very smart. 

I dropped you off and you said good bye like it was no big thang! You are growing up fast and I am so proud of you. I will say, I am a little nervous you won't be the nicest of kids to your friends, you do have a little more sass than the average 2 year old, but I am sure you will learn quickly. Love you girl. You've got this.

Since you cannot read this yet, I hope years down the road this means something to you. 

You love: Yo Gabba Gabba, Hello Kitty, and your toothbrush
 Baby dolls
  Your friends
   Your family
You love to sing and dance
         and the flavor 'Pink' (you love all things pink)
        you can almost count to 10 without missing numbers
you can sing the alphabet near perfectly 
and you are the sweetest, funniest, sassiest sister and daughter around.

We love ya kid!