Friday, August 16, 2013

life as we know it

I'm not going to promise that I am going to be better about posting, because, let's get real-when has that ever happened? I will say, that I am excited to be updating this ol' blog of mine again.

This picture depicts us pretty well I would say. I am at a turning point with a healthier lifestyle. Rivers is the happiest he has probably ever been, where as Emery is a moody and grumpy, yet, still a hilarious 3 year old. David is still working hard as an engineer but may or may not be enjoying his side business of wood working a little bit more, but loving life all the same. 

We traveled for an over night trip to Newport back in July and it makes us homesick. How is that possible you ask having never lived there (if you don't count the summer I lived in northern California at 18)? Like many, we feel at home when we are near the beach. We feel southern California is where we are meant to be. Unfortunately the job with Taylormade Golf Company didn't work out for Dave but that doesn't mean he has stopped trying to find his dream job in our dream location. Someday, someday.

dont they just look like they belong?

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