Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Not the best pictures you have ever seen

I decided to try to take some pics of the kids quickly in some holiday attire before Emerys school Christmas Party. With only 5 minutes to spare before her class started these didnt really turn out to great and I dont have enough storage on my computer to edit the pictures. so it is what it is.

Emery had her preschool Nativity performance today. She was Mary (obviously). She was excited to hold baby Jesus and her friend Will's hand. 

With there now only being 3 of them in the class, the characters were limited. Kye represented all 3 Kings. It was cute and maybe something only the parents can enjoy but I posted the videos for the family to watch if they are curious enough.

Will didnt really have the parental instinct kick in the few short minutes he had to be a father. He was a great partner though! ha ha 

The Jingle Bell performance of a lifetime-you wont wanna miss this!!
(really, you wont mind if you do)

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