Saturday, August 17, 2013

It all started with a mouse

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable. -Walt Disney

Disney magic is something I will never question in my life. When we told our kids last night that we were going to go see Mickey and Minnie the next day, the first question that came out of my daughters mouth was "where!?" When she realized we weren't taking them to Disneyland she got a little bummed. But then soon came to her own realization that it was still pretty exciting news. 

The Fashion Show Mall down on the strip (which we tend to avoid) was having a grand opening of The Disney Store with a meet and greet of the two star characters. 

So Emery took it upon herself to draw them a present. If you don't have the artistic eye of toddler art, let me tell you, it is a picture of Mickey and Minnie with a rainbow above their heads. 

Emery was so anxious to give them this picture she could hardly stand it. Unfortunately she wasn't allowed to give them gifts because they "don't have pockets" a Disney employee explained. Emery later said on the drive home that she wished Mickey could hold her picture forever and ever. Oh the innocence 

Every half hour Minnie and Mickey took turns meeting the crazed children. So our kids got to hoot, holler and wave at Minnie but they got to meet Mickey. Emery says that minnie had to leave to go to the bathroom.  Makes perfect sense to me. 

All in all it was completely worth it. Rivers was in awe and Emery became this little fragile thing and was as happy as she has ever been. They hugged and kissed on Mickey and I think as parents we earned a couple bonus points--that is, until we made them go to bed later that night and we quickly turned into the most mean and unfair parents alive. 

Kids. Ya gotta love them. 

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