Sunday, June 10, 2012

Newport Newbies

We made a spur of the moment decision to head out to Newport Beach for a day trip (my favorite vacation spot in California aside from Mendocino).
David, always being the more reasonable and responsible one, usually always just laughs off my crazy (and usually expensive) suggestions. I figured it would be a lost cause trying to convince him to do something this last minute, but he came to his senses and was clearly just as excited as I was.

It was a little chilly when we arrived at 9 am. 

Rivers' face


Action shots. Rivers was a pro in the sand. Emery was a pro and getting sand everywhere.

When we first walked on to the beach Emery said "that's too much water, it's big water"
She was amazed and terrified. She thought the dolphins that we kept seeing were going to eat her. I don't know what we are letting her watch to make her think that.

Emery and I both really enjoyed the Ferris Wheel. We definitely got our moneys worth with the excitement she felt every time we came back around and she could give her dad a wave or thumbs up.

These next shots were taken with my iphone

Rivers took an hour long nap while Dave and Em played in the water.

We obviously had to take the ferry over to Balboa Island (which E loved) and get us some Balboa bars and salt water taffy. We ended up spending just as much money on the candy as we did the ice cream. Oops. We get a little over excited when sugar is involved. 

The only "melt down" of the day, if you can even call it that. She was upset that I wouldn't let her put red pepper flakes on her pizza. She got over it when she realized hunger was taking over her pre teen emotions. 

I love this picture. I can't wait to frame it. While Rivers was asleep on the beach chair with me, E and D spent over an hour just running in and out of the water. Once she got brave enough to go in, it was almost impossible to get her to come out (bribing her with boat rides and ice cream finally did the trick).

This was a first for the kids on the beach and it was absolutely perfect and totally worth it. Even the vinegar baths and aloe vera treatments due to some harsh sun burns won't keep us from going back soon. 

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The Webbs said...

this is awesome. we should plan a trip and meet up there. girls and guys both have a chance to go to the temple? you in? looks like fun i love all these candid moments!! hope your doing great beautiful lady!