Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Like U Crazy!

Sometimes I wonder if the humidity for David and being caged in a tiny apartment for me, has done anything for our sanity. Or at this point, lack there of.
I'm starting to lose my mind.
It's been five days now where david leaves for 9 hours with little or no contact with me at all. My job has yet to start, so I have been trying to entertain myself here at our new abode. I'm doing a very poor job at that. I clean every day, but we are relatively tidy kids so there is little to clean. Yesterday I decided to not do anything. I put the Thank You cards aside, and watched 4 episodes of Greys Anatomy and sadly to say 2 episodes of The Bachelor. I dont know who made that decision for me because I clearly could not have done so myself. I dont even watch tv, let alone something of poor quality and entertainment such as "the bachelor." I thought I was going to kill over at any minute yet I couldnt stop watching. Luckily, just in time, David came home.

He wanted take me to dinner to our favorite place Texas Roadhouse. Since we were in Texas now, we both found it very appropriate and exciting. Unfortunately, David gets home quite late, and they were just closing. No worries....we went to sonic instead!

Maybe today I'll learn how to crochet....or figure out what on EARTH we are going to do for the family reunion talent show. oh man.


Kels said...

look how cute and happy you guys are!!! how fun to start your new life together AWAY from family! and i'm sure texas roadhouse in texas is amazing..please tell me about it when you get a chance to go.

p.s. how's work? mine sucks.

Maren said...

you both look a little stir crazy in those photos! I'm so looking forward to the family reunion talent show. Brock already has something pretty tricky up his sleeve. All I can do is sing...boring. Have you begun to prepare your special guest lecture for the Gentry Spouses? I'm sure Laci and Marcha might have some good ideas...of course, David may very well be the most normal of all the Gentry children (that's pretty scary huh). Anyway, hang in there. David said you started your job and that you get a little time together in the mornings. Hope that helps!

loving life with livie said...

hurray!! i loved talking to you on the telee (phone...not tv)
...and i'm lovin' your posts! you've got a great way of keepin' my attention on what you gotta say and not just the fun pix!

can't wait 'til tomorrow's post!

p.s. i don't know why i'm using so much slang!