Friday, May 16, 2008

Life is like a bowl of oranges...

On our travels.... This is a picture that i took when we stopped off to use a Wells Fargo. It is known as Magdelena, New Mexico. I suggest you visit there if you are looking for a horrible time with nothing to do other than watch creepy people wander the windy broken roads.

David was such a trooper. My hero. My mancub. He drove almost the entire way to Austin, Texas. With all our bathroom stops and our little lunchbreak at McDonalds our trip took us over 16 hours. But it was a great trip. We listened to a book on cd called The Peacegiver. Its great for anyone. I loved it. David loves his sunglasses but i would sadly, and embarrassingly say they are too big for his face. Please, SOMEONE agree with me. ha.

Once we got there, we crashed. We gained two hours in Austin, which is weird for me to adjust to. And it doesnt get dark till after nine, which means my husband doesnt get home till almost ten. Its been a pretty boring two days with him at work, but im getting a lot of good reading done. David is doing well. He might have a deal close on monday. So keep him in your prayers. He is a lot more confident in himself i think this summer, which is wonderful. I, myself got a job today. I will be working at Smart Cleaners. Its a dry cleaning place that is opening next week. Its really neat, all automated and there is a drive thru. The owner claimed it was the McDonalds of dry cleaners. I get to work full time and manage the front, which is code for "no dirty work." It was such a blessing. It was the first place I went to and he practically just handed me the job. Im really excited for this and for us. It will be great. This picture below is the view from our 3rd story balcony around 8pm. Everything is so green and beautiful.

This entry is ordinary and most definitely bordinary. Not to mention, I mentioned McDonalds twice in my blog (make that three), who does that?

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