Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our Memorial Day Celebration!!!

Getting into Fredricksburg!!! Its a quaint town with lots to see and do, about 2 hours from Austin.

David looks excited posing with this war artifact (excuse me for not knowing the name).

Driving there. I look stoooopid. But, I have little shame. It's okay to look like a fool.
It's a DANGED ARMADILLA! We saw a ton of these dead on the side of the road. It grossed us out and we had little if any, sympathy. We also saw road kill Raccoons. But we had sympathy for them, it actually made us quite sad. We think the difference is the fur. Armadillo's are just ugly.

One of the boutiques had a ton of hats in it. David tried to look cute and genuine, I just tried to look classy. I believe only the former was correct.

A creepy man was looking at me while David took this picture. Probably one of my most awkward "smiles" because of it. It was fun though.

My favorite part about this picture is his hand ^ the ring!!! I still cant believe we are married. He has attractive hands.

Just a pose. POSERS!!!

Heading back towards our car to travel back home. We had a really great time. It's a German town so there was a lot of German foods and what not. They had a really neat bookstore and even a magic shop. Successful Memorial Day Weekend an A++ in my book.

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loving life with livie said...

love the armadillo. and love the poser shot. you guys look so stinkin' happy and i am so happy for you!
isn't marriage THE BEST!

p.s. i know you are wanting someone to agree with you about david's glasses...don't tell him this, but i DO agree. (they are so awesome, what can he do?)