Friday, May 30, 2008

Just these good ol' days

I came across this video today. It is SO cute how nervous he gets as he continues to talk.

David is hilarious of course I was going to say YES!! Actually I didn't even say yes. I said OF COURSE. David asked me to marry him in such a creative way. We have been married for 3 weeks and everything has gone beautifully. People say the peacefulness wont last, but if we go to the temple and always remember the promises we made to one another that day, I don't see why it cant be easy. Too bad I'm so naive eh? Trust me, I know my thoughts are crazy. MY POINT: WE ARE EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! (right david?) hahaha


loving life with livie said...

so cute! i love his face at the very end of the video...when it stops. his smile is so sweet! i loved this little video? so, you had never seen it before?

kelly & i have been married for 4 years & that's exactly what i say..."keep going to the temple together" & everything WILL be ok! you're so right!


Jill Rosenhan said...

KASEY!!! You're so cute! I have no clue how I found your blog! Add me to yours :)

I'm so happy for you two- you two are so great together. This is the cutest video! I love you and hope you two are having the best time in texas. That town looks so cute, I am jealous :)

Love ya!