Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here comes the bride...all worried and a fright

And so it begins...the maccaroni and cheese dinners and early nights. David and I are married now. No need to stay up late and go on just a little too over priced dates. We have been in the promises of matrimony for a little over three days now and its been more than wonderful. We took the plunge on May 10, 2008 and guess what? It almost didn't happen. With complications of much needed documentation (or lack there of- David), our wedding ceremony itself was actually postponed. As I sat bawling my freshly made up eyes out waiting for the verdict, David's wonderful family (and now one he so willingly shares with me) kept me as distracted as they could. After much frustration and uneasy anxiety David came walking towards me with two thumbs held up towards Heaven above signaling we were good to go. And so it continued...The wedding was beautiful and the reception was lovely and very successful. Thanks family Gentry and family Garner/Marquez for all your selfless help, love and support. WE DID IT!!!


brock said...

we are so glad it all worked out! Now you have a great story for the kids and grandkids. Thanks for sharing the photo website. You both have some really beautiful pictures and look so stinking happy together. Hope the marital bliss continues...(it will!)

Brad and Julianne Heaps said...

In a way, we're glad it was postponed, or we couldn't have witnessed it. What a mixture of complications -- all ending (or beginning) happily. We were glad to be there and even more excited for the reunion! Let us know how Texas is!

Kels said...

Hey girl!! i'm so glad we can be blogging friends. and i'm past anxious to hear about this "story". please share! i'm glad everything worked out great though! you both look awesome!