Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Down, Forever More!

Kasey Nicole Garner meets David James Gentry and what happens next is just awesome!

One of Beth's shows at the Modified, bad clothing choice.
Dbacks game
Fancy date night to go see a play 'Anything Goes'
Another one of Beth's shows, and bad clothing/hair choice!
But, I did make Dave that porcupine necktie *stargirl*
(Aren't I cute for doing that?)
After getting engaged at Barnes & Noble

It is so embarrassing and amazing walking out those doors
May 10, 2008
First Gentry Reunion (for me) in Nor Cal, one month after getting married, I got my appendix out later that night!
Our first baby, and large purchase!
Our first real life miracle. Emery Scout Gentry, born November 21, 2009
Yea we waste no time, one more on the way!

March 1, 2007 was the first time I "met" David, via text message. He wrote "Hey, what's up? This is David." In which I replied "Hi David, This is Kasey, I am going to change your life!"

Guess what? I did. Not only that but David completely changed mine. We had no clue what our future held and how hard it would be to get where we are today. Through all our highs and lows I would not change a thing. I love you David more than anything in this world. You are my best friend, my Wolf Pup and Panda Bear. I will forever be your Stargirl and Crane Wife.

Thank you for the 1 year of dating and amazing 3 years of marriage. I am so excited for the next forever more years we have left.

I am pregnant in this picture so technically the whole family is in it!
Happy Anniversary love!

**Listening to- Local Natives- Cards & Quarters


Ku'ulei said...

hahaha! i love that detail about the first text. so funny. "i'm gonna change your life." soo cute!! congrats!

angela hardison said...

happy anniversary! you guys are a cute couple.

also i love your vest in that top photo that you're calling a bad clothing choice. the colors are pretty freakin' awesome.

Kasey Gentry said...

Ha ha thanks Angela. Those squares in the vest were leather and it smelled like someone died in it.

tamararose said...

I'm so glad to see you're doing well!! You look beautiful, and so does your family! btw, the "I'm going to change your life comment" so doesn't surprise me, that's definitely the Kasey I knew in hs! (which is a good thing!)