Monday, January 10, 2011

Pneumonia and M&M's

Dear Illness and Sickness Corporation,
Emery has a few nicknames within members of my family, one name used often is eminem (no-not the artist). Well, Emery had a run in with a real M&M. See nose.I gave her an M&M and somehow it ended up cutting her on the nose. She can make anything into a weapon. Emery no longer has a "battle wound," if you will, on her nose. She is now suffering with the early stages of Pneumonia, after having a cold for five days, it has turned to something much worse. I never thought I would say this- but I would prefer Emery cut her nose on an M&M. She can't ever seem to catch a break. No more illnesses for this one please...and thank you.

A desperate and tired

*Listening to: City With No Children-Arcade Fire (The title of this song is completely coincidental to the post above)

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angela hardison said...

oh no! poor little girl. hope she feels better soon.