Monday, December 20, 2010

I need some more inspiration!

This episode on an HGTV program really inspired me to do something neat with our main wall in our little home. So this picture below was our inspiration.

We tried it in red, decorated the walls with a lot of too distracting artwork and left it like that for months.

I soon realized I didn't like the feel of it so we lightened it up with this almost mint green color and added splashes of dark browns and whites. I am very pleased with it and have enjoyed this new color for about a year now. Thank you to David for sketching out all the straight lines.

I want to do more projects like this. Get my hands dirty if you will. I think I may wanna create my own headboard, although we already have one that functions just fine, I want to call something my baby, my masterpiece.

Anyone have any neat project ideas for me?


mice_aliling said...

Your own funky lamp? Or a love chair maybe? Or a mosaic project for your patio table? :)

Smith said...

Landis has done a few projects for me, and for the past 2 years he's had a head board almost done to go with the bed he made me for our first married Christmas together. I have a few projects Landis did for me on one of my facebook albums, you shouldn't check them out.

The Webbs said...

i have always loved your wall kasey. you should try that headboard that i am making, the link is on my fb :)

Deak, Emily and Kaed said...

well... I don't have any idea for you, but if you get bored, you can totally come do that to our wall! SOO CUTE, Kasey!!

Becca said...

Look at you, with your mint-green walls and the geometric pattern.

nicole ...given said...

LOVE the green one so cute!