Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Harmony and Peace

Well it is going to be a busy weekend. First you have the obvious, Christmas on Friday. Which I am very excited for. My little girls first Christmas. It will be great fun to tell her all about it when she is older. Then on Sunday we are blessing our sweet girl. We decided to bless her in my parents ward. My brother Justin is leaving on his mission and it is his farewell that day too. A lot going on. I am so excited that I have a husband who is a worthy member of this church and he has the opportunity to give our daughter a real fathers blessing. It is going to be such a special and wonderful day. Im so grateful for the friends and family who are taking time out of their busy lives, especially around the holidays, to come and share this special day with us. Being a mom is really the best thing in the world. I thought I knew myself real well, especially by now, but boy was I wrong. I have never been so humbled in all my life, then when I first had MY child placed in my arms and she looked at me as if she has been waiting to be a part of my world, my family, for a long time. She feels like home. She is my life, my girl. I get to teach Emery Scout Gentry the things I know and have learned. I get to watch her grow into a beautiful woman some day. I have a husband who has become the greatest dad over night. He loves her with all he has to give. Nothing is better than waking up to him holding her and grinning ear to ear from true sincere happiness that she brings to him. David and Emery you are what makes my life worth every thing that it is. Thank you for bringing me the greatest joy. I never would have thought I could handle such responsibility at such a young age. Im 21. And unfortunately Im really good at being 21. I am lazy and boring. I seem to care more about my needs and wants than anyone elses, and heaven knows I am horrible with money, and finances in general. I dont have a strong testimony and I sadly dont know as much about the Gospel as I know I should. I disappoint the people closest to me in my life constantly and have a hard time admitting when Im wrong. BUT, now that I have something so precious in my life, something or better put, someone in my life that holds more meaning than everything Ive ever known, I truly have become a new person. I would like to think I have learned to be a little more selfless and loving. I have learned a whole new level of patience that I never knew existed, and I have never put someone first as much as I do every day with my little one. Emery you have taught ME some great lessons already, and I know I am your mother and I am supposed to be the one you look up to and learn from but I just want to tell you right now, Ive learned more from you in this last month than I ever thought possible. You and your dad are the greatest things in my life. I know all this wouldnt be what it is without having God in my life, and as one of my new year goals, I am making sure I study the Gospel better and more often and really look at it in a new way. I know this church is true and that it is THE church. I know that the temple work I have been a part of has so much more to it than I am supposed to comprehend right now and that I should just look at it for what it is for the earthly experience. It is a beautiful and wonderful privilege to be able to be a part of temple work. I am so grateful for my great great grandparents for joining the church and creating such a sturdy foundation for the generations to come. This church is true. This church is TRUE! I love my family. I love my life. I love my daughter. I love my husband so much. Thank you David, thank you for giving me your love and having faith in me and never giving up. You truly are an amazing son of God. I am thankful for so much and it isnt this time of year that has made me sit back and realize it. Its my daughter. But Im glad this time of year has rolled around and Christ is appreciated more and more by the world. Lets just hope everyone remembers His sacrifices he made through out the rest of the year. I love you, Everyone! If you actually sat and read this, Im sorry to have taken up so much of your time. This post was supposed to be a picture of my family wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and turned more into a private, yet very public journal entry. I dont regret it. I just want everyone to know...I am very happy!

-Kasey Nicole Gentry- proud wife and mother


CAG said...


Thank you for your thoughtful and earnest message. Davy is a lucky guy and Emery is a fortunate little baby. Happy Christmas to all three of you...and of course mr.captain.

taytum said...

Such a great post! So sweet and sincere and something Emery Scout will love to read when she is older

Anonymous said...

Kasey, what a beautiful testimony and a beautiful tribute to your husband and sweet baby. I think you need to give yourself more credit. You are a great person and I am sure that David and Emery feel blessed that you are their wife and mother. I agree the church is true and I am glad that I know that and that you know that. I know if we try to do our best that Heavenly Father will bless us. Thanks for the reminder!
Love ya! Aunt Sheree

and now there are two said...

so beautiful, kasey! you are such a great mother, wife & daughter of Heavenly Father. what a wonderful post! i'm glad i finally got here to read it.

i love you, friend!