Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Holidays

Can I just say, I love QVC! This is how I want to go about my Christmas shopping this year. Its easy, quick, and absolutely fabulous. My grandma was the one who got me hooked. I will say though, that Davey does not agree. He thinks it's ridiculous. I'm sure I'll get him to change his mind!

This is just a picture from Halloween. David, my cute cousin (who has a twin, sorry Keegan), Cooper, and our Captain. David and I went as a pair of blue jeans. We were both wearing blue shirts and jeans and wore name tags that said "hello my name is Gene" and mine was "Jean" So creative I know. We had a real good Halloween. I was forced to watch a scary movie but we lightened the mood by going to IHOP and getting their new coffee cake pancakes. So delicious.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Cant believe we can already say that.

1 comment:

loving life with livie said...

is there coffee in those pancakes???

love the blue-genes idea.

captain is such a stud!

and that little kid is a cutie-pie!