Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Songs and Sorrow


David and I got to spend a night with his family. It was really great getting to talk with everyone and just have a relaxing time, eating, and chatting away. Here are Davids parents, brother and sister and sister-in-law, and of course, his wifey.


Bethany, she is my beautiful gal pal. Good Luck you little future successful court reporter you.

David likes to eat ALL the watermelon apparently.

Lastly, I got my hair cut today by my mom. I found out that I got laid off from my work, went into a small midlife but not so "midlife" crisis, threw all my plans of growing my hair real long out the window...and chopped it off. Sorry to those who do not approve. It grows back! eventually.


matt & shannyn said...

your a babe is so i love it!! its so cute!

Jenna Winters said...

awe kasey youre beautiful. i know how you feel about wanting to grow out the hair though, mine just sinply wont grow no matter what i do so i think i might do the chop it off thing too. but what the crap is this september 15th thing that i have been waiting to hear about???? oh and be waiting to get my baby shower invite in the mail! so sorry about your job i know how that feels.

hknight said...

Your hair always looks great short!

loving life with livie said...

you see. this is how you comment. so quick! i love it, kasey.

ala mode clothing & accessories.

loving life with livie said...

i just tagged you, by the way!

do you know what that means?

Kelibby's Mom said...

its cute!

I was jealous that my parents got to see all of you last weekend. It sounds like I will see you after Christmas present ever!

Sorry about your job, we are thinking of you both (and Jeremy). Let us know how we can help.