Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everybody! It has been a tradition for 2 years now for my mom to host a Halloween dinner. It is her favorite holiday. She has got to be the most creative person I've ever known. Here is a little taste of what we experienced.

This pumpkin I just found to be festive. It has no meaning any deeper than the message it displays.

This is my favorite. It's a family recipe called Possy Stew but my mom added a twist, or I guess you could say "a special TOUCH" creepy and so good.

These were "mummified hot dogs." They had little mustard eyes. Delicious.

These deviled eggs speak for themselves.

We called these vulture legs and breast. They taste just like chicken! Imagine that.

Our Witch's Brew, secret recipe!

The vampire teeth napkin rings. David had fun with those.

Mummy cake, and lil Vampire David

Vee vill suck yor blooood, or at least one of us will........(see below)



brock said...

The Deviled eggs are my favorite. And it's a bonus that they're already evil because of their name. Maren's going as "the mom" for Halloween this year (I know, not too creative, but have you seen our kids? I'm going as "the dad with a SEVERED HAND" It's going to be off the hook!

Jenna Winters said...

cute i love all the food. i would still eat all of that even though it looks scary. i love halloween too! i love that pic of you two also, so sweet.

Kristen said...

haha you guys are too cute! i love all the food, it's so halloween! thanks for your sweet encouraging words it means so so much!!!!

matt & shannyn said...

wow i love the spooky holloween dinner its so cute! wow i love that pic of you and david the bottom one i love love it! oh and davy shave your stach! ha ha ha i love you guys!

loving life with livie said...

your mom is so awesome. love the party stuff. & you & david look so cute.