Monday, June 9, 2008


WELCOME TO CLEAN SMART CLEANERS!!! This is where I work every day. Surprisingly, I have never loved a job more. These pictures are from our Grand Opening Celebration. We had cookies, cake, juice, krispy kremes, and a raffle for free dry cleaning for our customers that day. We also had a raffle for an autographed football and baseball from Texas teams. I would personally much rather win the free dry cleaning (but i get that anyway).
Cute cake with hangers and buttons. How nice....

This is David and I with one of the owners John Nguyen (pronounced WIN) and his girlfriend Mary of six years, who's last name happens to be Nguyen as well. I guess it's a pretty common last name in Vietnam. Like Smith would be in the U.S. They are way cool and young so they show us the "cool" things to do in Austin. David and I love them. It's pretty great having a chill boss who is only a few years older (sorry the picture is blurry..his mom Thu took the pic in a flash, no pun intended ha ha dumb).

Rachel/Raquel and I got to wear these wonderful "WE <3 OUR CUSTOMERS" shirts on the special day. I enjoyed it. Rachel is way cool and very entertaining. "girl how 'bout this my babys daddy is a crazy foo'..." -raquel espisomething

Just some clothes from the back. It's way too hot in the back and way too intense for me. The machines are like Robots.

I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING THIS IS SO FUNNY. One of John's aunts (he had tons of family here for the grand opening) put their kid on our tile floor in the breakroom to take a nap.... I took advantage.

There was a BBQ and everything. It was fun and tiring and I conquered my sinophobia. I think. Pretty successful day if you ask me.


loving life with livie said...

you are so awesome!
i'm lovin the kid on the floor! at least he's warm!

point your mouse in our direction & come check out the new posts...just for you!

hknight said...

Looks like your loving the job, which is always a bonus! You guys should take a trip up in our direction sometime!

loving life with livie said...

i'k like a new post please!!


i'm diggin' the tunes.

Jenna Winters said...

wow sounds like a great job haha thats awesome you are so involved with the people you work with!

Cagney and Laci said...

fun job man! I wish I had cool cake with hangers on it at my work!