Friday, June 13, 2008

This is what we have been up to

so this is austin............

i look like a boy, and apparently david is thinking i have cooties.

This robot chopped me in the back and "it" followed us down the street. hated it.

cupcake anyone? we had a great time down congress avenue. same street you can see the bats. they keep all the great shops open till late every first thursday of the month. the shops were so neat, and there were a ton of people just doing there own thing playing whatever music they felt and just jammed all night. perfect.


There were a ton of cool statues around The Oasis...

...this was daves favorite.

This is our house plant. David named him Doug. Ugliest name you can name your plant but its not a cute plant so i let it slide.

I'm just itching for him to get new sunglasses. His other ones are TOO BIG (David they are too big).

There was a cupcake stand, they only had vanilla left but it was the greatest cupcake in the world.

No offense Kellen

Zee couple ready to go out for our 1 month anniversary. Are those even real?

The Oasis. I felt like i was in a different country. It was amazing. It can hold 1800 people.

Just us at The Oasis...known for the sunset and view, not the food. Although we found the food rather tasty!

David was taking pictures, I was taking pictures of Daveeed.

The sunset is beautiful. I cant decide which one is better...Texas or Arizona? (these both being texas of course)


loving life with livie said...

you see...who needs a honeymoon when you live in such an incredible place!

i'm glad you are taking in all the local sites!

can we come for a visit? Ü

you look so great! david, too.

auburn&chris said...

love you guys... and you look like you are having a blast. isnt being married so much fun?! love it.

miss you... you should come for a visit sometime.

loving life with livie said...

we would seriously LOVE to visit!
we'll see...

how's the dry cleaning job & what's going on with your family & the move? (i don't see much of your mom now that she's no longer in YW's)

hot & humid?? Ü

loving life with livie said...

where are you???
new post please!!!!