Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween isn't for the faint of heart

Halloween 2011
Emery loved helping gut the pumpkin. After that she decided eating all around the pumpkin would be the activity of choice, that and throwing seeds. Needless to say, she went to bed shortly after this picture was taken.
My thought for this year was that it was going to be the last year I could make her whatever I wanted for Halloween without a protest. Well, I was kinda wrong. She liked it when I practiced the face paint earlier in the day but when it came time to really dress up-she hated it. And me.
Emery went as Tobias Funke from Arrested Development (I know, I know) 
Tobias was a member of the Blue Man Group. Sort of. He was an understudy.
This was as good as the costume was going to get. She was not too pleased.

At the 3rd door she knocked on, a man came at her with a 'Scream' mask on at her level and yelled in her face. Her night was ruined, and probably Halloween for that matter. Because of that dreadful and scarring event, this was all the candy she was able to collect. I didn't even try to eat any. I just felt too bad.

Hopefully next year we have a completely different and better experience. Maybe I will let her dress as a girl or something. Weird.

A birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas all to come. That should make up for this night.

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tamararose said...

what a horrible thing to do to a child!!! UGH! people make me so mad. Let's hope no raging turkey's ruin Thanksgiving for her too ;-)