Wednesday, July 27, 2011

College Graduate

It is safe to say that I feel like a horrible wife for just now getting to this post, but in my defense, things have been a little crazy.
David graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering at Arizona State University at the Polytechnic Campus back in May of this year. It took him 4 years + 1 semester. Going to school full time, working 2 or more jobs at a time, having a wife and daughter and a child on the way sure made it a little more than difficult to accomplish, but David did it with flying colors.
He is the most intelligent and most dedicated person I know. I PRAY our kids get his work ethic and love for education.
All of his hard work, late nights (most of the time all-nighters) and time away from his family definitely paid off in the end.
David is now a Project Sales Engineer for Mechanical Products Nevada Inc and he loves his job so much. I am proud of you my little mechanical engineer
(even if what you do is WAY over my head)!


The Webbs said...

great job dave!!!

Ashlee and Rico said...

Love the pics of your cute kids! Love emerys shirt and love the blanket and colors! You have such great taste! :) Im so sad we are moving (I think I told you that?) right when you moved in our ward and neighborhood! We will just be across town so I will definitely be in the area A LOT!