Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Blogger, Blog Hair

Does anyone else get what I like to call "blog hair?"

Please tell me I am not alone in this. Ya know, you are sitting on the computer for a long enough time that it gets hot in the office or you just get on some sort of creative roll and your hair starts to bug? So you throw it up in this messy bun, and have created "blog hair."
Maybe I am crazy, but ever since I started to growing my hair out, this is what my hair results to. So fashion forward. NOT!

*listening to Iron & Wine- Passing Afternoon via Pandora


kate said...

i thought you mean "blog hair" because i've seen one million vlog tutorials on how to do a "top-knot." it's called a messy bun people. and it's pretty hard to mess up. (i'm mean)

kate said...

but in other news: your hair color is rockin'

Jayson, Kim, and Lotta Carlson said...

sportin the same hair over here these days! some how yours looks ridiculously sexy though. maybe you should "post a tutorial" :)

angela hardison said...

ditto to kate's comment. hahaha. but i actually do notice my hair ends up like that after sitting in front of my computer all day at work.

Becca said...

nah, I kinda like it!

{and yes...blog hair is definitely true for me as well}

suzanne cabrera said...

Hahaha...I'm feelin' you on both the blog hair and the question of ever being skinny again!!!!