Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is a golden year!

Yesterday on the 23 of February, I turned 23. It was my golden birthday!!
I am also 23 weeks along now. What a great week I have had.

Us. On my birthday. We didn't get to really see each other at all due to his work and school. Bummer.
It is ok though, we went to a movie the night before and he got me a watch, oh, and just this CAR!

2010 Ford Taurus ( I know, I know-a Taurus, but I promise, this thing is tiiiiiiight).

My girl. She spent my birthday with me. We ran errands and did some house chores. We know how to partaaay!!

Fossil watch David surprised me with. Slam dunk!

If you are pregnant, it is okay, even expected of, to be awkward in photos. So my cousin Heather and I did just that. I am 23 weeks and she is just a couple more weeks along than me.

It has been a good week so far, and it is still not over. I still need my cake, and I wanna eat it too!


Alexis Kaye said...

k you are so cute pregnant! And I love your watch and your new car IS totally tight. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Ku'ulei said...

ahhh!! awesome! soo happy for you. your life is totally golden. you look so much huge-er than when i saw you a couple weeks ago. lol you're so cute. love you kasey

hknight said...

You look like one hot mama in that picture of you and David! David you look good too! We had a blast with you guys! Hope that your golden birthday was a blast! Love ya!

Julie said...

Hi. :) I'm glad you found my blog and could read all the good things about Vegas. I'm a total Gilbert girl, but I really love it here so hopefully that tells you something. :) I would love to give you any advice I can! When are you moving here? Summerlin and Henderson are definitely both great. Northwest, like centennial hills/shadow mountain is nice too and cheap! Anyway you should email me!