Friday, December 17, 2010

First Real Family Photos

These photos are long overdue. They are Emery's one year shots. The morning of picture day, Emery had some pretty odd and questionable symptoms that didn't look right at all to me, so I suggested to David we try to take her to the pediatrician to get her looked at. Well my pediatrician couldn't get her in for 5 hours and I was not going to wait that long, so we took her to the E.R. She went through a series of uncomfortable tests and procedures. A catheter, x rays, blood get the idea. We were there for hours and she was completely and expectedly unhappy, to say the least. The time was getting nearer to when we needed to meet with our photographers and I kept debating whether or not we should cancel. We finally got results and were able to go home 20 minutes before our appointment for photos. I was in my pajamas and had bed head and Emery was exhausted and was throwing a fit. I have never gotten us all ready so fast. Needless to say it may have been a bad parenting moment to go forward with the pictures but we didn't have a choice. I am very pleased we decided to do it that day. It took half the shoot to get Emery in a better mood but it doesn't show too much in the photos. We love them and we love The Langs for cooperating with us so well and for making us all laugh. Thanks again guys, the photos are to be cherished forever!

To see more of our photographers amazingly fantastic work, visit their blog here:

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The Webbs said...

love them!! glad she is okay!

The Jacobs said...

I love these pictures! You guys are an adorable family indeed!

Ryan and Melissa said...

Very cute. You have no idea she was sick!

matt & shannyn said...

kas you look so beautiful~ you are such a good mom and amazing wife! and the picture of you and david kissing is so amazing and my favorite for sure and i know your blushing now reading that:) i love you guys and i hate looking at your cute family pictures bc than i miss you more! i love you!

hknight said...

LOVE THEM ALL! they are to cute for words!

Love and miss you guys!