Monday, November 29, 2010

Palm trees and 60's to Snow and Freezing

We had a great Thanksgiving. The pictures of David and Emery are at our house the day or two before we left for the mountains. When we woke Thanksgiving morning in Show Low it had snowed. It was perfect. Thanks weather for giving us what we wanted. David woke up hoping to go golfing that morning. Guess not honey. Your loss was our gain! We loved spending time with the Gentry family this year and really look forward to Christmas with them as well.

Happy Holidays everyone!

*Listening to Pandora Radio


angela hardison said...

snow! how fun.

adorable pictures.

kate lines said...

what kind of dog do you have? and where can i get one? i'm need that dog in my life. (although if you get back in the archives on my blog you'll see the universe is trying to tell us no dogs, but we keep fighting it.)

Alexis Kaye said...

Your kid is flipping cute!!! Love your pictures :)

matt & shannyn said...

umm doesnt get any cuter thant this!! priceless!

Becca said...

look at how cute and perfect and adorable you all are!
I am loving your style.

suzanne cabrera said...

Oh my gosh...those little bottom teeth...SOOOOO cute!