Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So long summer, Hello Autumnal Equinox

Can I just say, I love Fall! I look forward to the cooling of the weather so much every year and then quickly remember why I love living in Arizona so much.

My festivities on my little table as you walk into our house. My mom made the ghost.

Sugar cookies and an almond icing colored with orange food coloring for the Halloween spirit.

Our Scentsy candle, with pumpkin roll scent. Best!

I also love reading through the holiday editions of the magazines to get fun ideas for decorations and food. It is our turn for family dinner on Halloween so you better believe we are going to cook up something fun, festive and delicious.

I cannot wait for it to no longer be in the 100 and 90 degree weather. I just want to wear my grey poncho from H&M without sweating, and looking like I am trying to force it to no longer be hot! I LOVE THIS SEASON.

*Listening to the Glee music from their latest episode


mice_aliling said...

Hi Kasey, I decided to just respond here :) Usually, I check out the other comments of the blogs I follow. Then I check their blogs if it's similar to mine or it's something that I can get inspiration from. I actually don't remember anymore. But it must have been Mara's blog (M Loves M) or some other blog that we both follow :)

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

you sound like a fun person to be around! the sugar cookies with almond frosting looks yummy!! Halloween can be soo fun!! Enjoy your season! I came to you by Mice Aliling!