Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's only a matter of time, before we all burn.

These two enjoying a symphony in the park that wiser mister Gentry was asked to be an honorary guest conductor for. It was really nice. The White Mountain Orchestra played a handful of patriotic songs. For it being the first time they were putting this event on I would say the turn out was a good one.
I wanted to make s'mores, I made two, ate them quick, went inside and watched tv. Today I am lame.
I really enjoy this picture because I love my ring. Well, and him of course.

We didn't take many pictures this Labor day weekend. These 5 are my favorite for now. Tonight I feel like I have a bed time. I feel like "oh it is late, I should get to bed before I get into trouble!" I cannot tell you why I feel this way exactly, but I am exhausted and should be sleeping. My eyes feel like they are on fire. It was a relaxing weekend and that is all I wanted. When I get back home and back to reality I am going to go to the thrift store and buy myself clothes. Anyone can join me if they'd like, but I probably won't talk to you, I will be in my zone-I am just saying. Enjoy tomorrow, it is a holiday.

*listening to Vitamin String Quartet-Soul Meets Body (death cab tribute)


mice_aliling said...

The photos are lovely. If you are exhausted, it's not bad to take a break. You'll feel much more relieved!

and now there are two said...

i love the pics. you guys are adorable! (all of you!)