Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You are the Decemberist

I could post a million pictures of my brother, Justin, of he and I having our fun adventures together, and I could go on forever talking about the reasons why I just love him so much and why he means the world to me. He is my best friend. And we would do anything for each other.

I got the greatest email from him today and I just wanted to post it on here, so I know I will have it forever to cherish and look back on. Also maybe remind him every once and awhile when we get on each others nerves, the sweet words he wrote. HA. Justin, like I have said before, I am so proud of you and following the counsel of God. You are amazing and I look forward to seeing you in 18 months. Happy 6 month mark!!

I have missed you a lot lately, and i am not really sure what has "caused" it. But i do. I love you (and David) and want to thank you for all that you do for me. Things here have been going great and i am lovin being here soo much, and will be sad to leave. But thats mish. work and obviously will go where i am needed.
So i was up at the Clarks yesterday doing laundry and they said that you no longer have a Facebook? I thought, there's NO WAY!!! haha. So they just wanted to know what was up with that. Cuz i'm serious when i say, they love you, they as in Laurissa and Sister Clark. They really do like you and enjoy being your friend. Also, i heard that you talked to my new pen pal Ansley.. haha. Thats pretty cool. Basically, i really enjoy her letters a lot. She's a very sincere and genuine girl. So if you feel the desire to continue to be her friend, please don't embarrass me? . . I am first and foremost a missionary, and NO girl will distract me from that Calling, but it is nice to actually get mail now that Beth doesn't write anymore.. Ansley also thinks very highly of you, she said, "Not only is she totally awesome, but is absolutely GORGEOUS" They all really like you Kasey, and think you are beautiful. I want to thank you for being in their life, because believe it or not, it makes it more like you are in mine. I enjoy talking about my family with them. It helps me fight homesickness(which creeps up now and again) I know you and i haven't always gotten along, and i certainly haven't been easy to get along with or make your life any easier. But i love you Kasey and do really miss you. Because as hard a time as i give you, there is a reason why you know every girl that i have ever liked, or really have ever known. Because i trust your opinion and you know girls.And i can tell you anything.. . You and i are similar enough that i know you know what kind of girl is "right" for me. And the things that i like. I know those things don't really matter at all for the next 18 months. And thats how it should be. But Ansley has become a good friend of mine that i trust, which is weird given that we have never met. But i like her kindness and it has helped me with my hard days, which have become more and more revealing. So please be "you" with her. Not the "Older Sibling Role" that Kellen plays from time to time. (shh) I respect your opinion Kasey, and i know you are CRAZY BUSY, but letters from you help me out more than you know. I'm sorry for being a "younger brother" to you for all these years,and not writing like i should. instead of the friend that you could turn to or trust with things. I want to be better now. I want to be a better brother. Being a missionary has helped me, i want to continue to grow. Please help me.
I love you tremendously and miss you and your family. have a good 4th.
Love, Your Brother **

**There was some editing of things that were too personal, obviously


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

This is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Awww. . .your brother loves you!!! This is such a sweet tribute to you. You are awesome Kasey!
Love, Aunt Sheree

matt & shannyn said...

that was a cute letter so glad you shared it kasey hoe cute i love brothers!!