Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Captain O' Captain

These two are buddies, well, in Captain's eyes. Yogi Beans (St. Bernard) really gets annoyed. It is true. We have an annoying dog. He is like that kid on the play ground that just invites himself to play with anyone and everyone that intentionally gets picked last on teams. I hope our human kids know better. Captain has small dog syndrome. He thinks he is bigger than Yogi. He is so cute though and just wanted to let everyone know, although yes, I bought him-for David, I enjoy his company as well (on occasion). We aren't going to get rid of him any times soon.


Saije Wright said...

Cousin! :) I just read several of your posts and loved them. Your little family is adorable and baby Emery is the cutest. It was a little while back that you posted the vintage dress you got but, I LOVE it and you look so cute!

Nate & Tashina Birch said...

Long lost sister of mine!!! How the heck are you!??! Your so grown up! You have a husband and a BABY!!! Congrats! Where are you guys living?!