Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Party

Getting ready for our Olympic Party.

Decorative streamers. People still decorate with streamers right?

The Olympic Rings cupcakes I made, minus the black, cuz who wants to eat black frosting? No one ate them anyway.

David cooked delicious ribs, and we had potato salad, beans, veggie platter, tons of desserts, chips etc. etc. I asked those that came to either bring a dessert, game, or just themselves, and just about everyone brought a dessert. Three days before starting my diet. Sheesh.

Aubrey is one of my best friends. She is getting married the day after my brother does. I am extremely happy for her, and I hope she waits to have children (joking aubs)! Emery was a party animal......
.....till she wasn't anymore. Jeff, who is married to one of my other best friends, wants a baby so badly, and was so good with Emery. He always is. She fell asleep like that. Love it.

Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the company of one another in our home. The Opening Ceremonies was fun and all, but having all those who were there really made our weekend a great one! Let us all do it again soon.

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and now there are two said...

ummmmm...where was OUR invite?