Friday, June 5, 2009

Tribute To One Of My Little Brothers

So, my brother Brendan Jens Fulkerson, is 9 now, and annoys
the heck out of me most of the time. But I love him to death
of course. I just wanted to make a post about how cute he was
when he was little. Dont get me wrong, hes not a bad looking kid
now but I just could have eaten him up when he was little.

Here he is at 6 months. A little chunk look at them rolls.
What is amazing about this picture is that when he was born
he was born 3 months early and weighed less than 3 lbs. He
has just kept gaining tons of weight since. He is my moms miracle

I dont know how old he is here, but he ALWAYS
had his finger in his nose. He'd never pick it. He just liked
holding it up there. ha ha

Here he is with my Grandma, look at those cheeks

I dont know what that mark is on his cheek. I think
its just something that was stuck on the picture when i scanned it.
He has bandages on his hands because on Thanksgiving, just a
week before his 1st birthday, Brendan burned his hands on a
pellet stove and had 3rd degree burns. It was awful but he was
a trooper. Only the tip of his thumb could be seen threw the bandage
it was the sadest and cutest thing at the same time. He recovered 110%

This is one of TWO of my favorite pictures of all time.
Not just of Brendan but of anyone or anything I have ever seen.
He is so funny.

And this is my second all time favorite picture.
Brendan always ate pickles.
Funny Fact:
When he was younger he would start crying on the
spot if anyone started singing the Happy Birthday song.
I know Brendan will probably never read this, but i want
him to know that i love him so much, and im sorry that i have
always played the roll of the annoying big sister.

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