Friday, June 5, 2009

JUSTIN GOT HIS LICENSE! and.... a dirty girlfriend (not in the way youre thinking ha ha)
the family likes her. good job justin and...

....Went to his senior prom, although he swore he would never
do something so cliche'
and... his Eagle award. Sorry it was so boring for you.
imagine how we felt. ha ha kidding kidding.
congrats! youre the only one! and....

....Graduated High school! not only on time (cough cough kellen, mr summer school)
but also without having to pay their teachers off (me? what? noooo...ha)!
oops. good job justin

he also got his license and bought a car and works full time and puts
most of his money in savings for his mission in 5 months. weird.


jenna♥devon said...

Holy crap, My brother needs to hang out with this kid.

hknight said...

Oh yeah, Congrats to Justin! We miss you all tons! How goes the pregnant lady?

Kels said...

I still can't believe our brothers are old enough to graduate!! soooo weird! And maybe your mom shouldn't look so happy?? haha