Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Say It Aint So!

so we have this couple

here below, they decided to get a little dressed up, unfortunately that is rarely the case.
The above picture is typical.

when this couple decides to have children someday
(heaven help the world)

They will name their first baby boy after a guy who:
-Grew up with divorced parents
-Is a vegetarian. He has been voted "sexiest celebrity vegetarian" on
-Graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English
-Was a metal head as a teenager. When he was in high school he took a picture of Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot to a local salon and told the woman to make him look like that. After an hour it was done and his mom was so mortified at his appearance that she left the salon and Rivers had to walk three miles back home.
-Claims that his mom named him Rivers because she gave birth to him near a river but also claims his dad named him that after two famous Italian soccer players, Rivera and Riva, and a Brazillian soccer player, Rivelino
-Is a singer, songwriter and guitarist for the band Weezer.

This is him...Rivers Cuomo

This concert we went to was the best show of my life!

Now, I just wanted to let everyone know, we are not planning on starting a family for quite some time, but when we do, I just wanted to prepare everyone on our name choice if we have a boy. Say what you will. Think what you want. Just dont let me know if you dont like it. HA HA. Weezer for me is the "it" band of my life and Rivers is just a wicked, cool name, and was an inspiration to me. Dont steal it (like anyone would) if you have a boy before me. This is my patent on the name Rivers for the Gentry/Garner/ Fulkerson family. Thank you, and that is all.


Jill Rosenhan said...

I have the cutest kid in my kindergarten class that has glasses like Rivers and wears converse shoes. I die everytime I see him. Now I'll think about you. I'm jealous of how awesome your kids name will be.

hknight said...

your killing me with the patent thing, I promise not to steal the name rivers! We need to see you guys! You should come up for a visit!

brock said...

You totally had me going that this was some clever "we're expecting" announcement. K's best friend is named River (no 's'). It would be too confusing to have another Rivers around, so you're safe from us stealing the name.

loving life with livie said...

awesome name, cute future parents, & a great way to tell the fam "hey...leave us alone already, we'll have kids when we're good & ready! we've even picked out a just chill already!"

glad to see a post. and i've tried to hang with you recently but you fall asleep.

Dirty-D & J-Spice Winters said...

Kasey I'm not saying this to tease you but Rivers was totally on my list of boy names! But don't worry I don't think Devon would like it that much so it might get bumped to the middle name. Our children's paths might not even cross that much anyway so if we were to have a boy and named him *(some cool first name)* Rivers WInters... then I'm sure it will be OK'

P.S. I just had a fun flash back to our freshman year and the obsession we had with Mr. Cuomo and the Beloved band Weezer.

P.S.S. Oh and I'm so glad you're actually NOT done blogging!

Brad and Julianne Heaps said...

Rivers Gentry would be an awesome name. As you can tell by our names, we go for the traditional bible/church names. Did you get my email about Laurel's baptism? It's April 18th -- I know it's a long-shot, but we'd love to see you this way again -- and this time without the appendix problems:) Love you guys!

angela hardison said...

I love that name. He'll be awesome.