Saturday, January 17, 2009

Captain oh Captain!!

David wrote this post. lets just all understand that.

The once so calm and innocent Captain is slowly growing older and (he thinks) wiser. It is crazy how fast he has grown and how much his colors have changed.

We have sure enjoyed his company and the fun he has brought into our lives. He is always so curious about everything, and thinks anything that has a plastic wrapping is some sort of food.

Although he has become a lot more hyper and energetic he still has a very calm and lazy side to him. His latest favorite spot is the couch. He will sprawl out in the strangest positions and just lounge for hours. For some reason he especially likes to hang his head off the edge of the couch.

We have been working hard to teach him some entertaining tricks. He picks up on things very quickly, it really amazes me. Here is a link to a video on youtube displaying his arsenal of tricks


loving life with livie said...

this made me so happy to come in here & see a post!

we love captain!

matt & shannyn said...

david i am a proud member... good job on your blogging skills!!! captian is so tenderoni! miss his guts!