Sunday, September 14, 2008


David and I's home improvement project step by step. We were inspired when watching HGTV. Honestly let me know what you think. I'm proud about the way it turned out. Plus it was a lot of fun and now our new house on the base feels more like a home than a hospital!!!

taping off was all davids doing


We plan on adding a lot more art and photographs on our wall. baby steps.

And this is what our messy living room/dining room looks like. Its a work in progress.


loving life with livie said...

1. i love to come on here & see a new post.

b. that wall looks freakin' awesome! GREAT JOB!

4. i'll be calling on tues. are you free?

hknight said...

First off, cute little chipmunk friend! That looks like fun!

Then, I LOVE THE WALL! That looks so good! The red and white are perfect! Your place looks great, it always takes time to get it looking like you want. But I think it looks great!

jayson&kimberly said...

woo woo! that looks really sweet! i'd commission you to come paint our house next.... and i'll be coming over to see it in person as soon as you call me girl!!

Kelibby's Mom said...

I. love. that. wall.

Cagney and Laci said...

Excellent. you classy cosmopolitans. are you sure you want to hang around in Arizona?