Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today I am grateful for...

shout out to ebaY

I just wanted to take this time to say "thank you" eBay for providing me and my husband with such glorious items, such as:

David bought himself some riiims. Obviously aluminum foil rims would be my number one choice, but he chose black rims. I dont have a picture of them to display, but I figured these were better anyway!
Davids laptop, which im currently using.

Davids wedding cant really see it, but i promise...its RAD!

my WEDDING DRESS! for $9.99, what a steal. (thank you shelley haggarton for making it better)

most recently my blackberry pearl that David surprised me with

film for my polaroid camera

also the game Mastermind, and many more things to come. Its such a bargain. And we have so much fun bidding on items, especailly ones we never intend on winning.
David is doing well this week. In three days he has gotten five. I'm so proud of him for getting up and going out every day. I sure couldnt do what he does. I love you kid.


loving life with livie said...

did ebay provide you with the guy in the first picture? or just the bike???
what a funny post.
you are so beautiful in your wedding dress!

a blackberry as a surpise?? WoW!

Jenna Winters said...

whoa you got some awesome stuff! i usually go to but i will try ebay someday! i got devons band for 34 bucks on overstock! haha and i have a balckberry pearl also but not from a cheap website which i am kinda remorseful about because of its expense! but i love good deals!!!!

brock said...

I'm a little scared of e-bay. I wanted to buy a "vintage wooden bench" for our way too big kitchen table, but I was worried that I would get ripped off or my identity stolen or something. You'll have to guide me through, next time. We really need that bench...especially when we have our twins!

brock said...

we aren't really having twins but we do need space for when our family comes to visit (hint, hint)

Bethany! said...

i will get the photo of the rims. because that one is just not cutting it. haha.

Kristen said...

okay ummm wow?! i can't believe you bought your dress on ebay for only 9.99!!!! your dress was amazing on you, i loved it!!

loving life with livie said...

we just got your "thank you" card in the mail today! "thank you" for your "thank you". your sweet words really put a smile on my face.

less than a month and you'll be back, right?

Kristen said...

hey girl! thanks for your thank you card, i got it yesterday! Okay so I have to ask you....who did your hair for your wedding or how did you do it??? I LOVE your hair, i'd like to do something like it for mine (lol although i still have a year or so haha)hope all is well! love ya girl!

loving life with livie said...


dani said...

Hey Casey! I found your blog thru Jennas, I love finding new bloggin buddies.. haha What a cute blog you have! And I cant belive you got your wedding dress for ten bucks! that is crazzzyy. Well just wanted to say hi! hope everythings going good for you and your hubby out selling!